Seeiso Matlanyane

Jessica Hare

Simone and Sean

Dave Welbourne


‘Next time we braai in Burgundy, we’ll be married.

And living in our brand-new apartment!’


“We’d been looking for a two-bedroom flat in the Edgemead area for ages. We really like the area, and our friends and family live around here, but we couldn’t find anything that was right. If the bedroom was nice, the bathroom was terrible. And for our first home, we didn’t want to settle for the mediocre. Then we heard about Rabie’s development in Burgundy Estate and it was perfect for us. It will be brand new, not like moving into someone else’s place. We’ll have a second bathroom, a swimming pool. And best of all, a built-in braai on the balcony. We can’t wait!”

Simone Owen & Sean-John Schultz

Software Engineer • High School Teacher

‘Why buy in Burgundy? 

It’s just 10 minutes from some of my best waves!’


‘Of course that’s not the only reason we decided to invest in Burgundy. The estate has basically everything you need, and I really love all the green open space. We chose a corner apartment in Rabie’s new development, where there’s lots of safe parking, a communal braai area, pool and a great play park for when we have kids. The surrounding area has so much to offer as well, from shopping centres and good schools, to some of my favourite surf spots like Millies, Blouberg and Big Bay.’

Jessica Hare

Youth Outreach Coordinator


‘Having 9 holes in my own backyard

is just the cherry on top!’ 


“Why did I buy in Burgundy? Well, it started with a feeling – the feeling I got when I first went there for a friend’s flat-warming. And the feeling was, ‘Wow, this is beautiful. I could live here.’ So when I heard Rabie was developing, I was already interested. But as an investment analyst, I wasn’t going to make my first property purchase just on emotion. I wanted an asset as well as a home. I already had an ROI model set up, so I punched in the numbers, and couldn’t believe what came up. There had to be an error! So I emailed a colleague to check and he phoned back to say, ‘If you can get in for around a bar, this is a no-brainer.’ The rest is history. If I could, I’d have taken two or three.”

Seeiso Matlanyane

Investment Analyst, Prescient Investment Management

“Rabie gets it right. Just look at Century City!”


“After selling our engineering services company a few years ago, I invested heavily in property at Century City, which has been a phenomenal success. The open spaces, the landscaping, the security and the ongoing maintenance – it all just works. I have no doubt Rabie will implement the same vision and attention to detail at Burgundy, so I’m expecting good rental income and exceptional capital growth. Especially given the drastic shortage of stock in this price bracket.”

Dave Welbourne

Founder of Century Blue Trust